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7 Places You Never Thought You Could Use LED Lights

LED lights have hit the market with amazing results. These flexible, money-saving lights are being used to not only cut energy costs, but they are showing up in some unusual places. These bulbs are being used everywhere, from vehicle headlights to lighting up the San Francisco Bay Bridge. But they aren’t just functional, they can also be fun. The number of amazing ways LED lights can be used is only limited by a little know-how and your imagination. Check out these seven ways people are bringing light into their lives with LED lighting.


Dark Drawers

If you are tired of searching endlessly in your desk for items, try lining the inside with LED lights to brighten up that dark drawer. Lining the front or sides can bring in the light you need to find everything quickly and easily. This idea isn’t just good for desk drawers either. Lining your dresser or kitchen drawers can help illuminate those dark corners where things get lost.

Rev Up Your Ride

The flexibility and durability of LED light strips can help you light up your vehicle for both looks and safety. If you want to make your motorcycle unique, you can design a LED light display right on your bike using a simpletutorial. Or you can place them on the interior and exterior of your car for both safety and a cool look.

Water Effects

One concern when you have children is that they could burn themselves on the hot water from the faucet. From washing their hands to taking a bath, this cool LED attachment will change colors with the water temperature. Blue for cold and red for hot will help your child see the temperature of the water before they get burned.

Fine Dining

The mood lighting at the nicest restaurant can’t compare to the LED lit tableyou can create at home. Whether you want to create a look that is colorful and different or a simple glow for your dining pleasure, this project is perfect. The frosted glass table top is durable and practical while the lighting beneath it is sure to be an eye-catcher at your next dinner party.

Light the Way

Using LED lights along an outdoor pathway is a good idea. It provides beauty and safety outdoors. But simply running LED light strips along the path is something that everyone can do. Why not take it up a notch and create a lit catwalk with stepping stones lit from inside. The steel modules glow from the LED lights inside to make a magical path along your walkways or in your back yard.

Cut the Cords

Having lamps around your house may be essential for lighting, but the long, troublesome cords don’t have to be. Converting your standard lamps to LED lit cordless lamps can give you the freedom to put lamps where you need them without worrying about finding a plug or running a cord.

Lighted Seating

If you’ve ever been to a movie theater, you know the strip lighting they have on the floor to mark the aisles. Running LED lights down dark hallways can give the same effect. But you don’t have to stop there. You can take that idea a step further by attaching the lighting strips under your furniture for a creative and unique home design.
Using a little know-how and your imagination, there is no limit to the number of ways you can bring light into your life. Many of these projects can be completed in just a few hours. The power of the LED light can make your life brighter.



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The Differences Between LED, CFL, Halogen, and Incandescent Lightbulbs

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing a light source, and it can sometimes be difficult when trying to distinguish the differences between LED, CFL, halogen, and incandescent lightbulbs. These lighting technologies differ in how efficient they are, how long they last, and how they work. This article explores the differences between these four very different light sources.


Incandescent bulbs

Incandescent lightbulbs produce a light when an electrical current runs through its filament, heating the bulb to thousands of degrees in Fahrenheit. These bulbs are usually sold in different-colored varieties, the most common of which being white, soft white, and yellow. They don’t last long before they stop working, and can expect to illuminate a room for around 750 hours before they degenerate.

Halogen bulbs

Halogen bulbs are a cost-effective way to illuminate any room in your home. Similar to traditional incandescent bulbs, the halogen bulb has a filament surrounded by halogen gas. This enables the bulb to shine brightly – event hough you are using less electricity. The halogen bulb generates a warm light, and can work with dimmer switches. They are among the cheapest bulbs available on the market, and often cost just a few dollars each. However, they can consume much more electricity than other light sources, and have an average lifetime of 1,000 hours.

CFL bulbs

CFL stands for compact fluorescent lamp, and CFL bulbs provide instant illumination in the home. They contain mercury, so these bulbs need to be disposed of carefully once they have ceased working. CFL bulbs are also incompatible with dimmer switches, although they do have an average lifetime of 10,000 hours, significantly more than halogen and incandescent bulbs, making them very cost-effective. They produce more of a softer light than incandescents.

LED bulbs

LEDs, or light-emitting diodes, have become increasingly popular in the last few years, especially as light manufacturers have reduced the cost of these items. However, they are still considerably more expensive than other light sources available, even if they do offer an average lifetime of 25,000 hours. That’s more than CFL, halogen and incandescent bulbs combined. These lights were commonly used to decorate Christmas trees in the past, although they can now be found in homes and businesses around the country. They are often used in traffic lights and road signs, and are among the most frequently used light bulbs on the market. Poor air circulation in the home can reduce the life-span of the LED bulb.

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