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The Benefits of LED Light Therapy for Your Skin


If you’re bothered by wrinkles on your skin, or mild to moderate acne, LED treatments may offer just the solution you’ve been searching for.

First developed by NASA, LED (or light-emitting diodes) light therapy uses certain frequencies of light to boost collagen production, increase new tissue growth, while also reducing fine lines and wrinkles. It’s non-invasive and doesn’t cause inflammation, and requires no special post-treatment procedures.

How Does LED Work?

In basic terms, LED sends energy-producing segments of light into the deeper layers of your skin. It then triggers the body to convert light energy into cell energy without using heat. As previously mentioned, it involves a non-invasive procedure. LED treatments are painless and involve no risk of burning your skin. A typical treatment can range from five to 30 minutes, and has been proven safe for all types of skin and ages.¬†Professional LED treatments are often given at select day spas which have a serious focus on skin care. It’s even been shown that LED treatments can help boost your mood during long winters. The recommended course of LED treatment is six treatments a week followed by maintenance treatment every month of two.

The good news is that LED light therapy has been tested and validated by NASA, as well as countless universities and medical labs. NASA has produced extensive documentation about the effectiveness of these treatments.

How Long Before You See Results?

While everyone’s skin varies, most people start to feel and see a difference after 10 days or two weeks of treatment. Women often first notice that their skin pores are becoming smaller and makeup goes on smoother. But some people may see results much sooner than that. Again, LED light therapy is proven to work on all skin types and the success rate of it has been over 90%.

What Types of LED Treatments Are There?

There are two types of LED treatments: Red light LED, which helps your skin look younger, and Blue light LED, which helps treat acne. Here’s a closer look at both:

*Red Light LED

As you age, your skin’s ability to produce new collagen and elements it needs to heal begins to slow. Wavelengths of red light helps promote this production. Red light LED treatments help reduce signs of aging (including wrinkles around the eyes) with a minimal risk of side effects. It can also be used to help treat acne.

Other benefits of Red light therapy include a reduction of fine lines, age spots, and overall redness – and results can often be immediate.

*Blue Light LED

Blue light LED uses specific wavelengths of blue light to kill propionibacterium acnes that are below the surface of the skin and cause acne. It’s best for mild and moderate inflammatory acne and reduces side effects such as dry skin or peeling when using topical prescription products.

LED light therapy has been proven and backed by extensive research, while also being proven safe and painless, without side effects. Whether you’re looking to eliminate lines and wrinkles, or treat mild to moderate acne, it’s a treatment that could be just right for you.


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