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Accent Lighting


Accent lighting is used to highlight a special area in a room. It may showcase a painting or other work of art. Accent lighting can be used anywhere you want to create a mood or feature a special architectural fixture. Outdoor lighting is also considered accent lighting when it is focused on your landscaping.

Types of accent lights

Accent lights include chandeliers, pendants, wall sconces, recessed, track and strip lights and even flood lights. Accent lights may be works of art that provide the focal point you need to energize a room.. This is often the case with contemporary chandeliers, pendant lights, wall-mounted lights and lamps. Accent and task lighting can come together when attractive pendant or globe lights and lamps are used to focus light on a work area such as a corner desk.

The types of lamps, chandeliers and other fixtures available for your home are limited only to the imagination of the artists who design them.  Chandeliers were traditionally used to focus lights on dining room tables and at entries. Today, fanciful chandeliers add artistic accents to any room.


Recessed lights and can lights on tracks or stands can be arranged to focus on one area of a room. Accent lighting is often used to showcase a special architectural feature such as carved fireplace mantle. Light emitting diode (LED) lighting is used to highlight paintings, sculptures, tapestries and special furnishings since it will not fade pigments.

Accent lights can be used to highlight a bar area. Bookcases often have accent lighting.  Collectibles on shelves can be showcased with special lighting. Colorful accent lights illuminate fish tanks, terrariums or stained glass windows.

LED strips are popular accents used under cabinets in kitchens and bathrooms. Colorful LED strips can be used anywhere to decorate and illuminate areas any time of year. They are used extensively during the holiday season.

Mood lighting

Accent lights can create a mood. The focused lighting may be brighter than the ambient light to call attention to a section of a room. Wall sconces can cast a sparkle against a bare wall.

Use lighting to create shadows for a sense of mystery or drama. A floor lamp designed as a tree can add specs of light and shadow to a wall.

Soft accent lighting, including under cabinet strips, can create a mood in a bath area where subdued lights are relaxing. A special low light can be installed over a bathtub or shower area to provide softer illumination.

Many small accent lights are battery-powered LED that can be place on tables or in glass bowls. They are much safer than open-flame candles for romantic mood lighting. These small accent lights can also highlight flower arrangements and table decorations.

Accent LED lights are available in colors to create soft lighting for a corner of a room. LED modules can be hidden or placed on the floor to send up light to a small area.

Landscape lighting

Outdoor lighting is used for safety to illuminate pathways, doorways, railings and water elements including swimming pools. Outdoor lights will also illuminate a garden, patio, fountain, trees and shrubs.

Outdoor accent lighting brings your landscaping to life at night when it is focused on plantings or a water element. Special LED balls can float in your swimming pool reflecting different colors in the water.

Use accent lighting anywhere to add beauty to your home.


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