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Lighting Your Living Room


Living room, great room or family room lighting sets the mood. It also makes it pleasant for reading, watching television or using your laptop. There a several types of lighting available using energy efficient light emitting diode or LED lights. The modern lights can be used in many ways with traditional or modern furnishings.


LED lights use semi-conductor technology in place of the traditional incandescent bulb. The LED fixtures can fit into antique design lamps as well as modern table and floor lamps. A LED light will use a fraction of the electricity while giving off the same amount of light such as the 80 to 100 watt incandescent bulb recommended for reading.

Place floor and table lamps where they are needed to focus light. LED lights come with color coatings in pink, yellow or cool blue tones to set a mood in a room.

Ceiling lights

Living rooms can have standard ceiling lights but more creative lighting is available with modern LED lights. Try arranging LED light strips around the perimeter of a room where the walls and ceiling meet. The LED ceiling light strips can be arranged in concentric circles in the center of the ceiling for a different affect.

The intensity of the light can be controlled by dimmer switches. The  LED strips adhere to the wall with tape.

Chandeliers in classic and contemporary designs take LED bulbs for attractive ceiling lights in living and dining rooms.

Pendant lighting

This style of task lighting is now popular in kitchens and dining rooms as well as in living rooms. Pendant lighting is decorative and it’s usually focused on work areas. LED pendant light design varies from round globes to cones, stars, candles, rustic fixtures and contemporary designs. A grouping of pendant lights suspended from the ceiling at different levels works well in modern living rooms.

Wall lights

Strips of LED lights can be placed vertically along the sides of walls in corners, next to windows or in areas where you need the light. This offers a very modern look to a room.

Can lights using LED bulbs will work on walls, shelving or ceilings. These are usually the adjustable lights that can shine in different directions. This type of lighting works well for reading or setting a mood.

Wall sconces are popular in living and dining areas as well as bedrooms. This style of wall mounted light fixture comes in traditional and modern designs. They are often placed above sofas or fireplaces.

Recessed and track lighting

Special LED bulbs are available for recessed lighting in ceilings and walls. Recessed lighting is popular in living rooms, dining rooms and kitchen – family room areas.  Track LED lights in special cans can be used on walls and ceilings in living areas.

The cans holding the LED lights are slightly different from the cans used with incandescent bulbs. LED lights only use about 10% of their energy for heat but the heat is at the base of the bulb. The LED cans allow that heat to escape through air circulation.

Accent lighting

You may have photos, paintings and other artwork that should be highlighted in your living room or family room area. Special low intensity LED lights can be affixed to frames to cast light on the artwork without fading the pigment.

Accent lights highlight special architectural features such as sculpture, cabinet,  a bar or decorative fireplaces.

Lighting can be layered in a living room with ceiling, table and accents lights. Experiment and find the look right for your living area.


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