5 Reasons LED Lights are Worth the Initial Cost

5-reasons-led-lights-are-worth-the-initial-costWith recent developments in lighting technologies, there are a wide variety on the market. Which do you choose? The old style of incandescent light bulb is certainly on the way out, replaced by a variety of others such as halogens, CFLs, and LED light bulbs. LED, or Light Emitting Diode, is a technology that has been around for quite a while, but only recently has it become viable as a means of actually lighting a home or business. In fact, although they are still relatively costly, LEDs are now one of the best ways of lighting your rooms up, thanks to the 5 benefits outlined below.

They Last a Very Long Time.  A traditional light bulb could be expected to last for around 750 hours. The more efficient Halogen bulbs last around 1,000 hours. CFLs are much better, coming in at an average of around 10,000 hours. These are all dwarfed by LED lights, which have an average life of 25,000 hours of use. You could add the other three together, double that, and still not match an LED light. So you’re paying a bit more per bulb, but you need far fewer of them over time.

LEDs are Extremely Energy Efficient.  Think of how hot other lights can get. Well, that heat is energy, just like the light is, and the more heat coming from the light bulb the more energy is being wasted. Incandescent bulbs use an astonishing 80% of the energy they get generating heat and just 20% generating light. That is tremendously inefficient, but LEDs are a very different story. In fact the ratio is flipped or better, with LEDs using as little as 10% of their energy for heat and the remainder to create light. This efficiency means huge energy bill savings over time.

LEDs are Durable and Work in Many Conditions.  Unlike other lights LEDs are quite durable and can endure knocks and impacts. This is in stark contrast to old glass light bulbs. They don’t need time to warm up before they provide light and they can operate in a greater range of humidity and temperature, especially the cold, where other light bulbs can struggle. This all makes them perfect for all kinds of uses and they are particularly suited to use as outdoor lights due to this ruggedness.

They Provide Plenty of Light.  If you think back you can probably come up with occasions when a light just wasn’t up to the job. It could not put out as much light as you needed, so you either had to get a stronger one or to augment it with another light installation. Not so with LED lights, which are exceptionally good at actually providing light. In short, you can illuminate the same area with fewer lights.

They’re Environmentally Friendly.  An LED light can be completely recycled, unlike other kinds of light bulbs. Furthermore, they do not contain toxins or hazardous materials as CFLs do, making disposal both safer and easier. And of course the fact that one LED lasts as long as dozens of traditional light bulbs also reduces the ecological impact, because you only need one instead of twenty-five.

All in all the intimidating price tag of an LED light bulb is no reason to be put off. They will last far longer, give more light with less power, they are less easily damaged, and are far more environmentally friendly. You will pay more to begin with, but you’ll pay far less over time thanks to needing far fewer of them and through savings on your electricity bill.


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