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Bruck LED Lighting Products


When you need to change the light bulbs, you have a lot of options. The compact-fluorescent bulbs of the past 15 years have fallen out of style as LED lighting has risen in popularity. With a longer life-span and dramatically lower consumption of energy, LED is an excellent choice for almost any of your lighting needs. One company, Bruck Lighting Systems, Inc., seeks to revolutionize your perspective of energy-efficient illumination. The Tustin, CA company has been in business since 1968 and aims to offer the best in low-voltage lighting, providing you with excellent décor as well as energy savings.

Bruck has a wide variety of blown-glass lighting fixtures to suit any temperament. The Cleo is a pendant light that hangs from Bruck’s ceiling-mounted Zonyx line-voltage system. Cleo features clear crystal glass with an exterior light-proof lacquer in black or white. The interior is gold or silver leaf laid by hand, for a spectacular reflection. The Rainbow II is two glass shades. The interior shade is frosted, while the outer is available in monochrome or 26-layered colors. The Dazzle I is truly dazzling. This angel-hair drip-glass design allows light to burst through, creating an amazing effect. Many of Bruck’s hand-blown glass products, including the Dazzle I and Rainbow II, are available as a pendant, sconce or ceiling light, to fit your changing mood.

Glass is not the only form of lighting from Bruck, however. The Eclipse I sconce is made from extruded aluminum and displays warm light from the top and bottom. The Ledra Kepler sconce is a cylinder that can swivel a complete 360 to allow you to tailor the light’s direction.

If you are looking for a spot-light, Bruck has you covered there as well. They offer a variety of spot-lights that range from spots on their line-voltage tracks, to plug-in task lighting. For example, the Chroma Z10 Track Spot is a 700-lumen LED line voltage spotlight. It is fully adjustable and available in matte chrome. But what if you want something small? Another from the Ledra series, the Plug-In Flex offers a cool beam emanating from a flexible hose display fixture.

Bruck also presents a series of outdoor lighting options. The Ledra Ice, in square or round, is a half-recessed fixture made of satined acrylic glass which accepts a variety of colored LED’s, ideal for hallways or outdoors. Or, you may be wise to investigate their Linear LED system. The Orion Belt provides the ultimate in “fix it and forget about it” lighting. It is fully encapsulated and flexible to within a 10-inch radius. Additionally, its long life-span makes it ideal for the outdoors or hard-to-reach places.

When you are selecting energy-efficient lighting fixtures for your home, LED is a sensible place to start. It may be a little more of an investment in the beginning, but over time, your energy savings will be dramatic. Bruck’s broad scope of products and lighting systems show that low-voltage and low-wattage illumination, as it saves energy and money, need not sacrifice taste.


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