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LED Lighting for Your Kitchen Island

When entertaining, people always tend to congregate towards the kitchen, which is why it is a worthwhile investment to upgrade this room.  The kitchen island has quickly become the central gathering place of this room as it allows the cook to actively engage in conversation with guests while preparing a meal and offers additional counter space for food prep.  To make the most of your kitchen, it is imperative that you have proper lighting.

A green friendly and low maintenance option for illuminating your kitchen is including LED lighting in kitchen island design and above the surrounding counter space.  LEDs, otherwise known as light-emitting diodes, are extremely energy efficient and last considerably longer than a traditional light bulb.  According to Green Living, the average life of a LED bulb is four to six years versus one to three months for an incandescent bulb.  Opting for Energy Star qualified LEDs can help ensure that you are getting the longest life out of the bulb while using the least amount of energy.


Much of the energy savings associated with LEDs is that they do not heat up when producing light like most of the other types of bulbs do.  Green Living shares that 90 percent of the energy emitted from an incandescent bulb is wasted heat, and a compact fluorescent bulb is just as wasteful with 80 percent of its generated energy being heat.

Another perk to using LED lighting in kitchen island design is that since the bulbs are small and measure from 3 to 8 millimeters long, they can be used in spaces that would ordinarily be too small for other lightbulbs.  Even though the LEDs are smaller than other bulbs, they light up a space more efficiently than the larger lightbulbs.

According to Lushome, the latest 2013 contemporary kitchen design trends include tempered glass with incorporated LED lights for kitchen islands.  Home design source Houzz also shares how LED lighting in kitchen island design is a desirable trend.  Including LED lighting below the glass countertops of a kitchen island can provide a unique and dramatic way to illuminate this space.  Another trend that particularly shines for evening entertaining is adding LEDs to the kitchen island toe kick.  For a more traditional kitchen, an LED-powered chandelier that is hung above the kitchen island can provide a very elegant look.  Pendant lighting over the kitchen island that utilizes LEDs is a great solution for those that desire a more eclectic kitchen.

All in all, there are a number of advantages to using LEDs, and they especially open up the design possibilities for your kitchen island while providing an excellent source of light.


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