LED Lighting Companies Offering Innovative New Products

The push for energy efficiency has led to some really great developments in LED lighting.  In an effort to win over consumers LED lighting companies have had to become very creative in their use of the lights.  Once thought of only as a light source for flashlights and sensors, the LED lights are quickly moving into the mainstream and will soon likely be the top choice for use in homes and businesses.  Several LED lighting companies are offering innovative new products in an effort to help consumers see the benefits of using these energy efficient lights in their everyday lives.


Philips has long been associated with quality and innovation in lighting.  They have a complete range of LED bulbs that can be used in the home or business to replace incandescent bulbs, saving potentially hundreds of dollars each year in energy costs.  Their MasterLED range has become particularly popular for use in businesses where lights are always left on, such as in hallways or corridors.  Their long life means fewer bulb changes, a particularly attractive prospect for businesses that have lots of hard to reach recessed lighting.


Taiwan company FZLED has produced a range of stylish LED lighting that has been manufactured to be environmentally friendly.  Their range of LED lights includes a series of bright light torches, or flashlights, designed for use on bikes.  These lights are super bright and help riders see and be seen when riding in low light areas.  The flashlights can also be used with other outdoor activities such as camping and hiking, and provide more light than traditional bike lights.  Plus, it can provide light for up to 35,000 hours, making it ideal to have in case of emergencies.


This company, based in Ypsilanti, MI, has taken LED lighting to new levels of beauty and function.  The LED lighting company uses small lights inside slabs of tile that are used in homes and businesses to create a dramatic effect.  They have also put the lights into moveable panels that can provide a beautiful and functional way to divide a space.  The products that they produce for architectural use are both futuristic and practical, using much less energy than traditional lighting methods and providing beautiful ambient lighting.

GE Lighting

Probably one of the best known lighting companies, GE has a range of LED lighting products that are set to replace current incandescent bulbs in homes and businesses.  They also have developed a line of traffic lighting that offers superior light and reduced glare even at night.  It also uses far less energy than traditional traffic and street lighting.  Also, it requires maintenance less often, making it an appealing option for cities looking to cut costs.

WAC Lighting

WAC is experimenting with the use of Organic LED lighting that features the use of cutting edge nanotechnology to produce superior light for a fraction of the energy use.  It is the future of LED lighting, and it is available now in the form of wall sconce and chandelier lighting, providing innovation that’s easily sustainable and long lasting.

What counts as innovation today will soon be standard in most homes and businesses as government mandates slowly eliminate traditional incandescent bulbs.  LED lighting companies are creating lights that are continuously improving and surpassing their traditional counterparts in form, function, and cost savings.  As the lights become cheaper to produce, more people are getting to know the benefits of LED and are experiencing the beauty of energy saving LEDs in their homes and businesses.  As these LED lighting companies can attest, the future is bright indeed.


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